Budget Section 1 Page


On this page, you can view and update the individual budget items that comprise a grant application's budget. Budget item specifics, including the CNCS Share, Grantee Share, Total Amount, and other information are captured on secondary windows that are accessible from this page when an add a new budget item link is clicked. At the bottom of the page, the Subtotal section shows combined totals of all CNCS Share, Grantee Share, and a grand total for all entries on this page.

The information you enter will be incorporated into your budget narrative and should provide a full explanation of the costs associated with your project , including its purpose, justification, and the basis of the calculations. Where appropriate, your calculations should be presented in equation format (e.g. identifying the number of persons involved with an event, the per person/per unit cost, and or an individual’s annual salary).

Note:  Required fields in the budget item secondary windows are indicated by asterisks.

Note:  Field labels in red indicate that the field has a tip, which can be viewed by mousing over the label.

Note:  The CNCS Share and Grantee Share must equal the value entered in the Total Amount field.