Contacting the Help Desk

Contact the help desk if you have a question about the operations of eGrants, or have encountered a "bug".

Inquiries concerning NOFAs, application content or general program questions should be directed to the specific program officer or program staff.


Contacting the National Service Hotline:

1. Click the Contact Help Desk link located at the bottom of most pages. A help request form will open in a new window.

2. Fill out the help request form:

• Include details (you can attach screenshots to your request) about what you were doing when any problem occurred, including a description of the data you were entering.

• Note whether you can reproduce the problem.

• Describe what the system did as a result of your actions; if possible, provide the exact text of any error messages you've seen (again, screenshots are very helpful).

3. Submit your help request.


4. Call the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677.